When the dream dies, what of the dreamer?

 “The dreamer dies, but never dies the dream, Though Death shall call the whirlwind to his aid, Enlist men’s passions, trick their hearts with hate, still shall the vision live! Say nevermore, that dreams are fragile things”


So what determines the difference between dreams and reality? Is my reality defined by the interactions I perceive on a daily basis? But how do others perceive those interactions? Does my reality influence the realities of others or do their realities influence mine. When we dream, who determines that those dreams are dreams, or maybe we can suppose, another form of reality. Does my dream state then become an extension of my reality or does my reality define my dream state? That is why when we wake from a particularly vivid dream there is that singular moment when we cannot determine the true extent of what is reality and what is a dream. So is everyone one I interact with an extension of my reality, or have I imagined those interactions as part of my dreams!

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