Tea and Crumpets with dog!

Eight, eight the burning eight. There is a day between Sunday and Monday that will devastate!


Maybe “he”, “it” or “them” have no control or compunction to define our journey. That is left solely to ourselves. We have been given the sand box to play in. Whether we create, destroy or sit on our laurels has nothing to do with some grand design. It is the very essence that makes up our nature. The ultimate cop out is then to blame some unknown or unknowing entity for our misfortunes, as opposed to what?  Taking responsibility for our own actions? Now that would be a novel concept. Could it be that with so much work to be done, our world has been forgotten? Or maybe like so much spare change lost behind the sofa cushions, only found at the most desperate of times or by pure accident.

The Dialogues:

While sitting at my favorite table enjoying a cup of tea and a rather delicious petite four. Basking in the final warmth of a late summer day. A stranger approaches me and asks if it’s not too much of an inconvenience if he may be permitted to share my repast. Feeling a supreme wave of content flow over me, I said of course, please do and I motioned to the waitress for another cup. This man of not small stature seem to fill the world with his presence. He asks how my day has been. Not wanting to divulge the true extent of my latest adventures, I, in a rather non-committal way reply that all things considered it has been a good day. Asking him what brings him here, a look of perturbed desperation crosses his face. He looks down at the table and with a shaking voice imparts to me the following

He has been out of town for a considerable while and has been searching for some acquaintances of his. He has been searching all day, but alas without success. Before deciding what he was to do next, he saw my friendly face and thought some light refreshment would be in order before he continued his travails.

Maybe I can assist you in your search, I am very familiar with the local area.

Would you! That would be most awfully kind of you.

So tell me, who are you looking for?

Well I can’t seem to find my bloody dinosaurs.

I was stunned as well as perplexed as to how I should answer. Was this a mad man, or based on recent experiences something more. I decided to probe further to illicit a clearer understanding of who this stranger may be.

When was it you last saw them?

Well it has been quite a while, I’ve never been too good with timescales, and the eons just seem to meld together. Do you understand how nonlinear time can affect your temporal perceptions?

For once I was the one to be perplexed. Such a strange comment, especially based on recent events. I lied, not really, but I could understand how something like that could be an inconvenience.

Not really inconvenient, just exasperating sometimes. With so much to be done you miss the minutia. Always meaning to go back and finish the tasks you have already started. I knew there was something I was supposed to do regarding the dinosaurs, but it completely slipped my mind. Until now. I was just checking that they were OK.

How could I tell this man, that the dinosaurs were extinct and had been that way for over sixty five million years!

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